Sunday, January 20, 2008


This summer my husband and I got married. I love this picture of us lighting the unity candle. We tried to make and do almost everything in the wedding ourselves (with the help of our family and friends!). I'll show snippets here and there of the things we made.

My dress was not homemade, although I thought that was how things were going to proceed. I am very picky, especially with clothes! The designer was Maggie Sottero, and I ended up loving many of her designs. The dress was lace with cap sleeves (which we did make- who can find a non-strapless dress?). I did make the veil. Sigh....has it been six months already?


  1. Sigh indeed :) I tried for many shopping days to find a dress with sleeves. Three quarter sleeves were near to impossible to find- but the Lord was faithful and so Good, and sent me the perfect one. Thanks for commenting!

  2. This came up at the bottom of a post ("you might also be interested in...") -- what a beautiful picture! Your gown looks lovely, and the lace sleeves are gorgeous (it's amazing how such a simple touch can transform a strapless dress!). And your veil is just gorgeous! *sigh* May the Lord bless both of you with many more happy years of marriage!




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