Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oh Jane, Jane

Jane! You're a very, very, fragile creature! You pay no attention to the delicacies of your constitution. Jane.....Knightley! Help us! Knightley! Jane went to the post office today in the rain. A great peril to her health. This was a sign that I was not there to take care of you! Knightley! Tell her! Tell her!

Okay, these aren't exactly the words of Jane Austen, but they are an amusing bit from the movie Emma.

This is my Jane Austen action figure that my husband bought for me for Christmas. (He found her in Barnes and Noble if anyone is interested)

I give kudos to anyone who thought of making Jane Austen into an action figure!

She comes fully equipped with a pen, copy of
Pride and Prejudice, and a writing desk.

She's ready to combat the actions of the heart!

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