Friday, June 17, 2011

Five Minute Friday (and don't forget the giveaway!)

Today's Five Minute Friday prompt is Home

I like the memory kind of posts, so I thought of my first home that I remember.  It was a third floor apartment, but big and spacious.  My brother and I shared a room and I remember the window in our room.  We used to look out it to see if we could see the cars of expected visitors (our cousins were our favorite visitors).  It was a turn of the century mansion turned apartment, so the rooms were very big.  The bathroom was especially large and you could have hosted a dance party in it. 

Across from the bathroom there was a storage room of sorts and I think my mom sewed in there.  I remember her making me a large Annie doll in that space.  My memories are cloudy though, just flashes here and there.  I was six when we moved from there to our first house.  I remember the old woman on the first floor, but just barely.  It's interesting how memories work.  How it's just a flash and then it goes away - a window, a woman, a bathroom, a doll.  I just remembered the telephone.  It was at the end of the hall, near the bathroom.  It had a dial. 

I will try to find a physical picture, but the five minutes are up!

This may be my weirdest post yet!

What do you remember about your first home?

Also, the Uprinting giveaway ends tonight! Don't forget to enter!

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  1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I love your take on Home. I struggle with remembering my first home too- it comes in bits and pieces, but not a full memory. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!



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