Thursday, February 18, 2010

Multitasker Tote - Anna Maria Horner Pattern

Bonjour blogland!  I've been hard at work on some things, out of sorts at times lately, and very guilty about not blogging more.  I love my little blog.  Here is one project that I decided to make for myself:  Anna Maria Horner's Multitasker Tote:

(I appreciate all of you kind readers ignoring the messy floor, ribbon bursting out of the ribbon jar and other ugly things in this picture!)
I actually did a step by step photo journey as I made it, but I will post that soon.  I definitely liked this pattern and would recommend it.  I was just trying out the pattern, so I used some stash fabric (teal corduroy, Anna Maria Horner for the outside pockets and straps, and some Amy Butler for the lining).

 I'm nearing 100 followers and I promised a giveaway when I got to 100, so you might see this bag pop up again in another fabric combination!  Muahahahha!


  1. It is lovely! Corduroy is wonderful--one of my favorite fabrics.

  2. love those fabrics with the courderoy!!

  3. The corduroy is really practical and looks lovely against the chosen fabric.

  4. That has definately possibilities as a knitting bag!

  5. What mess?? I was looking at the picture thinking how nice it is! :)

    ps I can't wait for your giveaway!

  6. Hi there! I just bought this pattern and could really use the step by step you mention. Did you ever post it?




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