Thursday, June 18, 2009

Extreme Makeover: Chair Edition

In today's episode of Extreme Makeover: Chair Edition, we will be making over a very comfortable, but unappealing chair. About a month ago, this unfortunate chair found itself kicked out of its home and put in the driveway to be sold with other items from its former home. We thankfully found this chair, and its younger brother, Ottoman. This nice duo deserves a new home, but their red, blue, and yellow...whiskers?... would not do.
Disclaimer by Keri "Ty" : I have never reupholstered a chair before. This could be a complete disaster, but it might be entertaining and laughable at the very least!

Step One: Carefully take off the old pieces of upholstery. Make sure you take the pieces off in tact so that you can use them as a pattern.

Step two: Get nervous because there is hardware in there that you've never seen before. (Not these tacks, but some claw things at the top).

Time for a commercial! Change the channel and come back later for some more updates!
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  1. are those little tassels all over it?? hmmm...i like the stripes though,but the tassels...

    can't wait to see the fabric you picked!!!!!

  2. You can do it! Go, Keri, Go!

  3. I can't wait to see how it turns out! I've always wanted to recover a chair, but I've chickened out every time :)

    Lauren Christine (from S&S)

  4. Jaclyn, Yup! Those are hundreds of tiny tassels. I actually tried to take them off because i liked the overall chair.

    Lauren Christine, I will certainly let you know how things turn out. I was wondering this morning as I was reading S&S if you had your baby yet. I guess not!

  5. Hey, do you know what happened to hillary from the gleam of rose tea, I just noticed she hadn't updated her blog/flickr/twitter in almost a month and I was just wondering if she was okay!



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