Monday, November 3, 2008

Repurposing and The List

Hmmmm.... how does Christmas come so quickly every year? It's like July then BAM Christmas! I've got lots of ideas milling around in my head, but will I get to them? I think I need to write down the "I can't even think about Christmas until I do these things" LIST.

A bag for my mom's friend
A bag for Josh's stepmother to give to Josh's grandmother for Christmas
Three tote bags for Josh's boss
Two sister matching dresses for Josh's boss

Then I have a million and two other things that I had wanted done by now. AND I'm thinking up new projects! I have sewing ADD.

Here's one:

I want to repurpose this dress. It has never fit me properly. It's been too loose on top and too short on the bottom. It brings with it lots and lots of pretty crisp cotton fabric though! I've never repurposed anything except a sheet I bought to make into pillow shams. This would be a real "take something I used for one purpose and make it into another purpose" project....

My husband calls these "bonus projects" - projects I'm too busy to accomplish but I make them my priority anyway. Any ideas for this dress?

In other random news:
*We bought a portable dishwasher, so now I feel like I have a maid!
*I have a lot of grape and strawberry nerds because they were on sale November 1st
*What is with the baby boom? I've heard of at least five new pregnancies in the past week or two... plus I already knew at least five pregnant women...
* I'm entertaining thoughts of democracy actually being a bad thing from a Biblical worldview... Has a government run by the people upset God's pattern of theocracy/ monarchy, thus taking us away from serving one sovereign power, and thus leading to this religion run by the people "everyone can believe what they want" postmodernist mumbo jumbo? Just askin'......
*Getting my hair cut on Wednesday!

This has certainly been a disorganized and random post, but everyone's entitled to one of those once in a while!
And some campaigning - Chuck Norris for president!


  1. Good to see you're back home and that your craft drought is over. I love the fabric in your dress. Hmmm - what to make. Do you like it enought to make it a shirt, or an apron, or some reusable shopping bags? Perhaps a Provence smock like in the A for Aprons book?

    I like bonus projects & I do it too. It is good to take a break and do something you want. It makes the 'required' sewing a little more enjoyable when I get back to it. Have fun, Beth

  2. Loving your thoughts on democracy. Ha!

  3. Oh, I like Beth's idea of the Provence smock from "A is for Aprons!" I've seen it at Barnes and Nobles.

    Sorry, I voted for Mr. Darcy for president. Just kidding... ;-)

    I hope your Christmas sewing projects go well! I can't wait to see them! :-)

    Yours in Christ,

  4. I agree that it would make a lovely apron. It would also made a pretty dress for a toddler or a great cat bed.

    For get Chuck for president. I voted for Alton Brown. He can cook!

  5. That dress is great for so many things. You'll have such fun! totes, cozies, vase covers ala Amy Butler, a pretty skirt. Hmmm.

  6. It's the 99 on going projects - that's what I call it, always have projects in the making and plenty more ideas that keep you from completing them haha. I would vote for Chuck Norris or Mr. Darcy! haha

  7. Love that fabric! Great idea...Alton Brown for president! :) I think if you read quotes from a lot of our founding fathers, they make it pretty clear that a democracy will only survive as its citizens live based on Biblical principles. Not a very popular view today!

  8. Love the fabric of that dress and can't wait to see what you come up with. I'm into re-purposing clothing right now too, and since I have two kids I usually end up making something for them. esp. my daughter, but this seems like it'd make a darling skirt! And it'd be a fairly easy project too.

  9. I think it would make a great little girl's dress! Or bag lining...

  10. I love the fabric of that dress...can't wait to see what you make with it.

  11. that is beautiful fabric! i think it'd make a great apron.

    i'm hannah, by the way. I just found you blog. i really enjoy it.

  12. Hi, just wanted to say that on mabelshouse.blogspot she made an apron out of a sundress that she loved but never wore,, you could check that out.



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