Saturday, October 25, 2008

Favorite Fall Outfit

This is my final Fashion Week outfit. It's one of my favorites. The skirt and shirt are from The Limited (though bought at different times). The necklace, which people say look like malted milk balls is from Macy's.

I think it looks like something my mom would wear in the 70s. So I like it. The 70s are not particularly my favorite clothing decade, but I like this style.

Thank you, dear readers, for obliging this fashion trip this week! It was fun!


  1. Nice outfit - and good for you for wearing a skirt everyday. I need to make more before I have enough for each day of the week. Beth

  2. I think you have such good taste in clothes. You always look so neat and polished, no matter what you wear.

  3. you have such a lovely style. when I go cozy, I always look frumpy. You look like you could be off an advertisement. thanks for sharing all your outfits.

  4. I like the outfit - especially the boots! I'm a big fan of boots! Looks very nice.

  5. Hi Keri! Your fashion week was fun! And I must admit, that does look like something we (ahem, dating myself here) would have worn. I especially like the malted milk balls necklace...although I'd probably crave chocolate candy all day long if I wore it *LOL*

  6. Cute Outfit...especially the boots. I LOVE those boots!!! I'm a total purse and shoe freak :0)
    Only one more person and Group #1 will be full...Woot Woot!!



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