Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy Birthday to You and You and You

Do you ever have chunks of time where it seems every time you turn around, there's a birthday sneaking up on you? First grandmother, then cousin, then mom, then cousin, then uncle, uncle, cousin, cousin, grandparents anniversary, etc. Our late August through late September is quite like that. I've made some presents (some I forgot to photograph) and some more are waiting in the wings.... First, here's a non occasion present I sent to my mother-in-law in Virginia. I bound an address book text block with this K&Company silhouette paper.
She liked it!

Yesterday my little cousin turned three. His name is Sam and he looooooves cars, trucks, planes, trains, emergency vehicles, you name it.... He needed an appropriate bag for all the accessories a car/truck/plane/train lover possesses!

A magnetic snap closure for 3-year-old hands.
His sister turns one at the beginning of October. What should I make her? She likes water bottles and empty boxes and chews on dog bones. She's not a big fan of hair bows. She frequently gets stepped on and squeezed by aforementioned big brother without a peep. You might not know she's even in the house except she's so cute you just want to hold her all the time.
Hmmmm... that's a tough one. I'd better keep thinking!


  1. If you google "tiered skirt tutorial", the very first hit is a great, easy skirt that works up *so*cute*. I bet you could make it with scraps, and what little girl doesn't need a twirly skirt?? :)

  2. Those are such sweet gifts! I'm certain the recipients will be elated to receive them. Great job!



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