Saturday, September 20, 2008

An Austen Conversation

I was questioning my husband about what happens in certain Austen movies. He claims he has "got Emma and Sense and Sensibility down" in terms of storyline and what happens. A quick question or two informed me that he needs some more work on Sense and Sensibility. He knows there are dogs and a cottage. But he also knows that a girl falls off a horse in a field and two men rescue her......

On to Emma -

Me: Give me a synopsis of Emma
Him: There's a girl and she falls in love and she likes to play matchmaker for other people so she doesn't realize she fell in love with the boy.
Me: That's great, but you also just described Clueless and I told you that Emma and Clueless have the same plot. Tell me something that happens in Emma that doesn't happen in Clueless.
Him: They battle over the piano forte.

Okay.... I think he has "got Emma down!"


  1. Your hubby sure knows more than mine does about Austen trivia. :)

  2. Cute! My husband can't remember which character comes in which movie and Colonel Brandon keeps ending up in Pride and Prejudice.



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