Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So much to do, so much to blog, so little time! I have a lot of random bits of things to add.

First, I'm honored to say that Mrs. Mordecai awarded me the Brialliante Weblog award. Mrs. Mordecai is an inspiring digital scrapbooker. I love her blog's look and the adventures of her "Red Chief." Thank you Mrs. Mordecai!
I nominate:
  • Shannon at A Maiden's Musings for the award. I am always inspired by the ideas that Shannon dreams up. Check her archives for all the gorgeous blouses she has made - most by altering ONE pattern! Check out the little baby shoes she made recently as well - precious!
  • Hillary at The Gleam of Rose Tea for the award. She always has something new and creative to say or suggest.

Secondly, I got a book called "Sew U" for my birthday. It's a great sewing source, especially if you are a sewing novice. I'm not a sewing novice, but Wendy gives great technical advice and explains how to make and alter patterns. The book comes with Simplicity patterns for a skirt, shirt, and pants. She takes you through how to alter these patterns to achieve your own look. That's something I am not good at and something I want to improve about my sewing. The book is Highly recommended by me!

Wendy has written another book called Sew U Home Stretch - all about sewing knits. I ordered it and it came in yesterday. I'll review it soon.

I still have to tell about my incredible anniversary present that my husband found for me. He is the ultimate deal finder! This present takes the traditional "Paper" 1st anniversary present to a whole new level. It deserves its own post though!

I did another Dressing Like a Girl week a while back, but didn't get the time to post pictures. I'll do that soon!

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  1. I can't wait to see your anniversary present and your dressing like a girl posts!



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