Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Irish Fest

This past weekend I participated in an Irish festival, full of Irish music, singing, and dancing. I saw Riverdance in high school and always wanted to learn how to dance like that. So a few years ago I found a local theater that offered lessons. We started with soft shoe lessons and then progressed to hard shoe. We've done a few exhibition dances, but never at a festival.

We aren't Riverdance perfect, but we try hard and we have fun! It's great exercise too!!

(It was also 95 degrees that day, which is evident on our faces!

Soft shoe

Hard Shoe (My teacher is the soloist)


  1. I really enjoyed watching these movies. I don't do the whole dancing thing, but seeing you almost makes me want to! That takes talent.

    I left you a little something on my blog.

  2. You'll did a fine presentation on your dance!

    I have always wanted to see "Riverdance". It is mesmerizing, and if it ever comes to my city, I'll be there!!

  3. Hello Keri!

    I see I've found a kindred spirit: I've always loved Riverdance and alaways danced like mad in front of the screen while it played!:) I love the videos. You guys did a great job. You look very beautiful and skilled.

    I joined a homeschool girls basketball team a month or so ago for the purpose of losing weight. One girl I knew had joined last year, and she wasn't fat or anything, but she lost weight and looks really good, so that was motivation for me. I've decided to stop because my youth group is at the same time at the same night, but you just reminded me of something else I could do for exercise!

    I took a Irish class, and then a private tutoring session with a teacher once and had tons of fun, but it was in another town, and what with gas prices nowadays... :)

    You're newly-married? Congrats!




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