Sunday, June 1, 2008

Shopping Shopping Shopping

Well, I'm quite far into my self-inflicted spending punishment. More is explained here. (Read if you spend too much money at the evil Joanns! - or any fabric/craft store)

I have to say that I've done surprisingly well at not spending money, especially in the fabric arena. However, I found a fantastic way to stick to my goal and still buy fabric - it's called Mother's Day presents. If my camera was cooperating, this blog post was supposed to be about those presents, but when the battery charges, I'm all over it.

I digress. I need to make it until June 12th before I spend money again. Needless to say, that means I'm getting the shopping itch. Or.... the shopping poison ivy. SO, I've decided to post some great shopping links so maybe I can live vicariously through others!

Strangely, I don't think I've actually bought anything from many of these shops, I use them for inspiration or future inspiration!
Fun, whimsical clothing for adults and children. Love to look at their skirts and dresses.
Boden skirt

This store used to fit my personal style impeccably. Now it's a little more bohemian eclectic than I prefer. Still, they have great inspirational pieces and their prices inspire me to sit at the sewing machine!! Their housewares and aprons are very neat as well. I have shopped at this website/store.
Anthropologie apron

Olive Juice
Adorable children's clothing. Classic lines and styles.
Olive Juice skirt... how adorable is that?

Oliver + S
This is a pattern line I saw in a fabric store and fell in love with. I love classic styles for children, especially 30s/40s/50s styles.

Go here to see the patterns.

This is a great active wear stores. They have many skirted bathing suits with lots of coverage options. Pricey, but good sales.

I did spend the rest of my Joanns gift card on some patterns and fabric for a J. Crew lookalike coat which will be coming up! Provided I can find time to start it!

Official countdown: 8 1/2 days of s c h o o l left! Then, sewing central!


  1. Thank you for posting such great links! I L-o-v-e the Anthropologie site! Too bad they don't have plus size.

    Using up gift cards does not constitute 'spending', so go ahead and enjoy your cards. You are merely 'helping the economy'.
    I can hardly wait to see what you sew up. :)

  2. Boden has "cool" clothes for the entire family.



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