Monday, June 2, 2008

Cute Pockets and Great Girly fun!

The camera finally cooperated. It hasn't felt like doing USB transfer lately. I think it's bored with USB transfer.

Here are the bags I've made lately. I found a design I liked, then I found a tutorial on the Internet at Belle Epoque Whimsy.

I was able to fulfill my own fabric buying desires while making presents at the same time!
The first is my mother-in-law's bag made with Anna Griffin fabric:Cute pocket - I'm into cute pockets and other special details right now.

I didn't get a picture of my mom's bag, but it's the same design, with orange, turquoise, and brown Amy Butler fabric with a striped interior and polka dot trim.

Then I needed one too, of course!
I did buy my own fabric at the same time, but I used money gained by selling some Red Sox tickets that we couldn't use, so I was still within the spending rules (in my mind anyway, and since the punishment is self-inflicted, it's all good!) .

The fabric for my bag is Amy Butler throughout.

I chose the bags because the theme of our church's Mother's Day luncheon was purses. It was a cute event, from a purse runway show to purse shaped desserts! Great Girly Fun!


  1. I love the prints of the fabric you used, really cute!

    Rachel xxx

  2. I went on a yarn fast for the month of May. It was torture, but I got to get new curtains for my dining room. Joann's is indeed evil!

  3. That is such a nice pattern for a purse! All the fabrics you used are excellent choices!

  4. I love the fabrics! Great choices. How do the handles hold up on the bag? Do you find the bias tape to be sturdy enough?

  5. Oh those purses are fantastic! I really love yours...and those chocolate purses must have been so much fun!

  6. LOVE those bags! You're so creative! :-)

    I tagged you on my blog for a literary meme...check it out, and see if you'd like to participate! :-)



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