Sunday, May 4, 2008

Dressing like a Girl

Some people at a forum I frequent are taking a week to showcase feminine dress. I'm going to play this time! Although I enjoy times of sweats and lounging clothes, I enjoy dressing up as well! I'd classify my clothing style as, well, probably quaint and quirky! That one is slightly overused here, so let me think up a better one ...... Vintage quirky?

I like to play with patterns, texture, and color when i get dressed. Translation: During the week, that means I go into my closet when I'm grumpy and half asleep and pull out things that hopefully don't need ironing and pretend that they might go together!
Anyway, Clinton and Stacey say things don't have to match, but they do have to go!

Clinton and Stacey and sleep-dressing aside, I really do take a mix and match approach to dressing. My favorite mix-it-up item is my leopard print shoes. I probably mix them in a little too much though. My husband claims that picking out clothing for me is difficult because I live on the edge of fashion. What does he mean? I don't have a problem picking out clothing!

Today's outfit is pretty straight forward.

Photograph warning: I am not photogenic, so this weirdo face and hands one was the only one I could tolerate!
Dress: Banana Republic outlet
Shirt: Gap
Shoes: Clarks

Since being feminine isn't JUST about dressing femininely, I'll throw some other thoughts in throughout the week as well!


  1. Your outfit looks awesome! Very pretty and feminine. You don't know how lucky you are to be able to wear normal sized clothing. I wear plus sized, and I'm never happy with how I look. I figure a normal sized person can wear anything and look great.

  2. I like how you wore the shirt underneath. It is a cute way to be modest :)



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