Monday, May 5, 2008

Dressing Like a Girl - Monday

Here's my Monday outfit. I love the skirt, which is from Filene's (Macy's now) Ideology line. There are thin blue stripes in it which make it fun to wear with blue.

My photographer (husband) keeps getting odd pictures of me and those are the ones I like. Because I'm odd.

Anyway, when I think "lady," I think of the beautiful, elegant, hollywood glamour movie stars of yesteryear (yes, I said yesteryear). Look at this amazing picture of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly:
It is the epitome of lady( in image anyway) - the graceful posture, the ethereal skirts, the elegant, tasteful makeup. They command such a presence. And without abundant piercings, spiked hair, or clothing noir.

Observing people, I have decided that the way to be more ladylike is to move like a lady. Very few people walk gracefully. I would like to improve my posture and gait. Any tips? I'm pretty good with the books on my head, but it kind of leaves when they do. Maybe I'll make it a personal goal for the rest of the week. Anyone care to join?

Coming tomorrow: Inward qualities of a lady


  1. I probably shouldn't be giving advice since my posture is terrible, but the best thing that ever happened to me was when I wore a skirt to work. All of a sudden my feet weren't propped up on the desk and I sat up straight.

    Also, just remembering that you're a daughter of God.

  2. I took a charm class in high school...did it work? Well, we read a great book called "Let Me
    A Woman" by Elizabeth Elliot. It is a compilation of letters to her daughter for her wedding day on what it means to not only be a woman, but to be a Godly woman. Being a lady is so much more than make up, finger nail polish, and shopping! I love that picture of Audrey Hepburn! What class! If I could go back in time I would go back to yesteryear! Look forward to your next blog!

  3. I love that picture also! They are two of my favorite actresses. Today women actresses are all about boobs, shorts skirts, and anything else they can show off. Hepburn held such a captivating audience and she always looked so modest doing it. I need to have a better posture also. I know that working out makes you stand up straighter because all your muscles are being toned...but who has time for that ;)

  4. I landed here looking for pictures of Grace Kelly's hair, and love the picture. I credit my good posture to years of ballet - it's never too late to start, and it's great exercise, especially for those lower body "problem areas".

  5. Skirts, ballet and yoga are all good--remember to pull back your shoulder blades and stretch your neck slowly every once and awhile. Also standing perpendicular to a mirror, putting your arms out to the sides parallel with your shoulders and pulling them back as far as possible four times for fifteen seconds per day helps, too (tuck your buttox under while you're doing this). A prima ballerina once told me that she would walk around like she had a huge diamond being displayed on her upper chest. Don't hide it: show it off by pulling your head up and arching your back a little!

    Elizabeth Elliott is perhaps more important, though. I used to hate my mother for saying 'beauty is as beauty does', but I really do appreciate a sweet, able-bodied homely person more than I appreciate an uppity, beautiful model who cannot tie her own shoes (or carry on a decent conversation about things deeper than Ferragano shoes--actually these girls are amusing for a short amount of time). "You can't be truly beautiful on the outside if you're dirty on the inside." (I changed a few words from Mrs. Pearce.)

    Look up the rivalry of Annie Oakley and Lillian Smith--it could go back to manners and modesty: Annie had them; Lillian allegedly did not (I had to look up Lillian's name: yet I remembered Annie's).

  6. What a beautiful photo, thank you for sharing! These are two of my favorite ladies. So lovely and elegant!



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