Monday, June 17, 2013

Why I Wish Humans Did Photosynthesis

I decided the other day that humans should do photosynthesis. If I was a scientist, my life's work would be devoted to figuring out how humans could do photosynthesis.

Just to make sure we are all starting on the same page, photosynthesis is the process by which plants take water and light energy and produce oxygen and food.
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Did you read that?

Plants make food for themselves.  Internally.  No meal plans, grocery shopping, stoves, refrigerators, food pyramid, nothing. 

I am not a cook.  I enjoy baking, but planning, preparing, and (for the most part) eating meals is really not my thing. I prefer to spend my time on pursuits that are not going to be digested in a few hours, like sewing curtains or kids clothes.  I am guilty of going down the baby food aisle and trying to imagine how many pouches of Sweet Potato, Mango and Millet I'd have to buy in order to feed it to my family for dinner. 

So, that's why the idea of photosynthesis appeals to me.  We take the family outside in the sunshine, give them a big water bottle, and VOILA!  Dinner!

Here are some benefits:

1.)  You are always guaranteed that the food you have made is *actually* good for you and everyone agrees.  None of this "Butter is Good!  Butter is Bad!  Only organic raw butter from happy cows is good!  Raw butter will kill you!" junk. All your nutritional needs are met in one scientific process!

 2.)  Instant gratification.  Do you know that two-year-olds have a very small amount of patience when it comes to meals and snacks?  Problem solved!
"Oh, you need a snack?  Here's your water bottle.  Go outside and make your own food!"

3.)  You free up an entire room in your house!  Goodbye kitchen, hello library (or craft room, or media room or office).

4.) Plants just look good when they do photosynthesis. 
This plant is cooking right now.  Making her own breakfast. Doesn't she look relaxed?  That is not how I look when I'm cooking.  I'm generally tripping over things like tutus and alphabet magnets while wondering why it was again that I agreed to let a two-year-old crack the egg in to the bowl and watching the baby to make sure he hasn't put more paper into his mouth when I wasn't looking.

I know that this would probably be a downer for the food industry, but PLEASE, is there a scientist out there that could help me with this? ;) 

Just for meals though - I'll provide dessert.


  1. Oh, yeah... I like the way you think :-)

  2. I wish I could photosynthesize, but not because I don't want to eat. It's because I don't want to kill plants. I'm vegetarian because I can't photosynthesize.



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