Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Name is Will

Hello Everyone!  My name is Will and I turned six months old today.  My Mommy hasn't blogged in a long time.  That's because I don't let her sleep.  In fact, I slept through the night for the very first time last night!  Why sleep when the world is so new and fun??

 My sister is kind of crazy.  She's two and she's good at it.  She likes changing her mind and making messes.  I can't wait until I'm two!  My Mommy also hasn't blogged in a while because my sister is so crazy and my Mommy spends all her time on Pinterest trying to pin activities that will keep my sister's brain and hands occupied.
 This is my family when we had a blizzard.  Brrrrr.  I hated the snowsuit.  I hated the hat.  I hated the boots.  I like to cuddle and be cozy.  Who needs snow?  That's my dog, Levi.  Remember him?
My Mommy promises she will blog again.  We have a new house (well, I don't, I've always lived here) and my Mommy has some fun projects going on.  She'll be back with some fun posts/updates/my birth story, etc.

Bye for now! 


  1. Hello, Will! It's nice to meet you. You are such a handsome little man! I am looking forward to reading your mommy's posts!

    And when you get older, you will wish very much that you had more time to sleep, so I think you should take advantage of the opportunity while you have it :-)


  2. A belated congratulations! Little boys are so sweet and fun to have around!

  3. Welcome to the blog world, Prince William. I'll assume your delay in getting here was you were too busy making yourself so darn cute. Come visit me in TN,ok? And bring your sister too. (And your parents. The dog is welcome if he cares to meet the dogs in our apartment complex.)



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