Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bathroom Remodel

Okay, why am I showing these pictures now that I'm moving?  I don't know, but I'm joining the link party at Kelly's Korner to show people pictures of my bathroom.  Don't ask.  When I'm crazy busy and stressed, I do odd things.

ANYWAY... here is a "Before" picture of our bathroom from when we moved into our house three years ago and an "After" picture:
It looks a

We added a bit of color with some teal hand and bath towels, but really it could be any color any day of the week!
 I painted the soap dish at one of those paint your own pottery places with my friend Teresa.

We like a little French flair in our bathroom!

 Thanks for looking.  Believe me, there is a LOT of work to do on the bathrooms in my new house.  A LOT.  Stay tuned for before and after pictures!  :D

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  1. Wow, what a difference, Keri! You did such a fantastic job with your bathroom! The updated bathroom is so chic and relaxing.

    No wonder your house sold so quickly :-)


    1. Thank you, Shannon! Josh did most of the work and he even picked out the wallpaper!

  2. Very clean and classic look! Great job!!!

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  6. I'm not a big black and white person but this bathroom may have sold me on it. This is beautiful.

    Can you tell I'm behind on reading the SUYL posts? And I'm interested (or obsessed!) enough to want to read every single one?!?!

  7. Cool! You know, anyone who gets to be a visitor in your home would most definitely feel welcome and at home. And that bathroom is lovely. I’m sure they will all feel relaxed and comfortable after having a pleasant bath inside. =) Really nice!

    Kip Whitehead



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