Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Inside Out Skirt

Although my life is seriously chaotic right now (more about that later), I found time to make Amelia a new skirt. The tulle wasn't interested in hiding underneath in this skirt.  It wanted to come out and play!

If there's any interest in a tutorial, let me know!  :D
(Update:  There is interest - I'm working on a tutorial!) 
 I got the navy tulle as 50% off a remnant, which came to a whopping 75cents.  The polka dot fabric was lining fabric from Joanns, that was like $1.99 for a yard.  I used 12 inches, so this skirt essentially cost me a little over a dollar to make.  Whoot! 
 I like the waist. 
 A little Jackie O?  Except Jackie would probably be on her yacht, not in her backyard.  Or maybe her yacht would be in her backyard.  Here, we have a water table and a slide. 

 Bow available in my Etsy shoppe!  I think "shoppe" is  much more sophisticated than "shop."  Non? 
Done with her modeling career.  She wants to play with her water table.


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  1. Super cute! Polka dots are the best.

  2. So cute!!! Your model is adorable, and looks like she is ready to dance. I think a tutorial would be great, very interested. Thanks for sharing this cute skirt.

  3. I think this is adorable! Well done! And now the tulle isn't itchy against your daughters skin. Great idea :)

  4. Cute!

    I found this through the Create and Inspire linky party. I linked in a pork and apple curry.
    Have a lovely week.

  5. that is just so stinkin cute!!!! :)

    Thanks for linking up at Create & Inspire



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