Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Christmas House Tour

Okay, I've only really taken pictures of two rooms so far, but here are the two rooms.  I'll start with my living room.

It's a small room, so our decorations are simple.  I think of the style as rustic and cozy.  I highly recommend decorating with golden retrievers.  They are very cozy.

My Jim Shore nativity.  It's my faaaaavorite nativity I've ever seen!
It's so gorgeous! Thank you, Mom and Dad!

On to the bookcase.  These are Dickens' Village pieces that Josh has been collecting since he was a child.  The bottom glass gets closed this year! 

I hang these mittens on the windows.  I made them a million and two years ago.
They are just flannel mittens sewn on to cotton batting.

The tree!  (Real of course!)

Now on to Amelia's room.

She loves her tree!  I highly recommend decorating with babies too!

Samantha sits on an end table.
Kirsten and Felicity sit atop the wardrobe.  
I have changed them into their Christmas clothing every year for 20 years!

Some Christmas stuffed animals on the rocker.

Thank you for visiting my house!  Next up will be the kitchen and the craft room! 


  1. I love that Amelia has her own Christmas Tree. Lovely, warm and inviting.

  2. Love the pic of your daughter and the tree--just precious. Dogs....and decor....wellllllll....our dog used to have a tail like a whip and it would constantly be breaking things!

  3. 1) Go Red Sox!! :-)

    2) Beautiful home! Love the Jim Shore Nativity - if you visit my post you'll see that I have my set out as well. Also a gift from MY parents, must be a good gift! ;-)

    3) Oh goodness, my Kirsten and Addie dolls are packed away in my attic, but I love that there is someone else out there who still has their American Girl dolls! Brought back a lot of memories right away of all the Christmas's when I dressed them up and decorated their little "living spaces" in my bedroom. :-)

    Merry Christmas!

  4. I keep telling Christopher that we need to decorate with a baby next year... ;)

  5. Love the picture of your little girl & her sweet!

  6. Love your Jim Shore nativity! We have several Jim Shore pieces as well, and they are many of my favorites.

  7. I love your Nativity. I have a small one but have been looking for a new bigger one and I love that!



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