Wednesday, June 8, 2011


BFS stands for Blog Friend Sarah, which is what I call her.  BFS and I have very very interestingly connected lives.  I don't remember who started commenting on whose blog first, but we were mutual blog readers.  She's one of the funniest bloggers I know!

Then we discovered we lived very close to each other.  We always thought we'd run into each other at the local Joanns or Michaels.  Despite our intertwined lives, we never did have a Joanns meetup.

Well, several months ago Miss Sarah announced that she was engaged.  (He proposed using buttons!!)  I was determined to somehow sneak into the wedding to see a blog friend I had never met get married.  I didn't have to though, because she asked me to photograph the wedding!  Woo hoo!  I was invited! 

So then we had to meet of course!  Here's Blog Friend Sarah holding Amelia. 
Amelia was very good at that Panera meeting.  I'm pretty sure that that was the last time Amelia was good at Panera.  (We met again at Panera and we had to run out of Panera before everyone else started running out of Panera because of the wailing coming from my child). The *very* weird thing is that we found out that we are related!  She's not my long lost sister or anything, but her family is related to my husband's stepmother.  The family tree would have to have many branches to explain how we are related, but it's good enough for me! 

So, I was able to be part of BFS's *very* fun and lovely wedding day.  :D

THEN, (BFS doesn't know this part!)  I was meeting with my cousin and aunt because I'm photographing my cousin's wedding and I was describing BFS's beautiful reception venue.  My cousin said, "The bride's name wasn't Sarah, was it?"  Oh dear!  It turns out BFS volunteered at the preschool where my cousin works.   God definitely wanted BFS and me to meet! ;)

Unfortunately, BFS had to go get married and move away, so she doesn't live near me anymore.  Too bad, because she was going to be Amelia's favorite babysitter.  But we hope Sarah has a wonderful, blessed, God-centered marriage! Check out BFS's blog, Dandelions and Daffodils.  Congratulate her.  Ask her how she met her husband.  :D

Have YOU ever met a blog friend before? 


  1. I've not specifically met a blog friend, but have met a few Etsy team friends before! =) I know that is a privilege.

    Congrats to Sarah...beautiful wedding photo! =)

  2. What a fun story! It really is a small world!

  3. Oh my goodness! You are SO SWEET! No one ever wrote a blog post about me and this made me feel SO SPECIAL! I love the picture too. I'm always checking out the latest Amelia pictures on facebook (as if you didn't know that!) and now I feel so honored to be *in* a picture with her!

    Who's you cousin?? Is it Kelly? She's the only one I know of from the preschool getting married soon so it must be! Golly this is so exciting!

    ps. I'm coming back home for a few months at the end of October (if things go according to plan) so I expect to get in a few visits with Keri frm Cumberland and my-almost-cousin-or-whatever-she-is Amelia! :)

  4. Best story. Ever. It gave me tingles!

  5. I'm so glad you two finally got to meet!

    I haven't met any blog friends yet, but there are one or two I really ought to... the blogging world has introduced me to so many kindred spirits. :)

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  7. Well, I met one blog friend...but we met through a yahoo group first, so maybe that doesn't count. She happened to be out this way visiting another of her friends and they both came to my home to visit me and meet my dear new baby...Rowan :-)

    That was wonderful and now I only wish we lived close enough to get together more!

  8. So cool that you girls met! I'm jealous! ;)

    I don't think I've ever really met up with a blog friend, other than bumping into people who read my blog at conferences, but I've always wanted to do a meet-up party or something. Especially after seeing this:

    Hmm... ;)



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