Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Amazon Gift Card

Wow!  What a deal!  I wouldn't share this if it wasn't legit.

You can buy a $20 Amazon gift card for $10 on Living Social.  I did this on Groupon for a GAP gift card and it worked out great.  I bought the Amazon one this morning.  If you can get three people to buy one, you get your gift card free, too!  I normally don't like using my friends and family like that, but it's an Amazon gift card.  We all win!!!!! :D

Here's the link.  It's only good for today!  Amazon Gift Card Deal


  1. Hi,

    I begin on internet with a directory

  2. You are right Keri, writting is good therapy for a very scarry event. Glad that Amelia is better...she's such a treasure.



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