Friday, December 17, 2010

Winnah! (as we say in Rhode Island)

Except I don't say "winnah" because I try to fight against the New England accent!

The winnER of the custom rag doll is The Fancy Fritter!

Congratulations!  Thanks to you all for entering.  I had a great time learning about all your favorite movies.  I'm adding the hair tutorial tomorrow and I will show you which Christmas movie is my favorite (although I like many). 


  1. Thanks so much - this giveaway has been so much fun! I'm so glad I found your blog. A super duper humongous THANK YOU for your rag doll tutorial, too!!!!
    Merry Christmas from snowy Ohio :)

  2. AWe! Yay! We are so excited! The rag doll will get lots of loving here! :-) Thanks so much & have a Merry Christmas! ~Stacy



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