Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Celebrating Mothers - Grandmother

Today, I'm celebrating my other grandmother, Gram!

Jeanne is my mom's mom.  As I said yesterday, I have all four of my grandparents, and this set of my grandparents will be celebrating their 55th anniversary in June.  It's pretty wild to me that between both sets of grandparents, there are 115 years of marriage! 

Anyway, I digress.  My grandfather was in the Air Force, so as a military wife, my grandmother had to move herself, my mom, and my uncle all around the globe, including California, Texas, South Carolina, D.C., and Turkey.  They lived away from their family for their early married life, but my grandparents made friends wherever they went.  Many of these friends they still communicate with today. 

Gram always wanted to be a grandmother and when she was 44, I was born.  She was pretty excited to say the least.  Now I'm having her first great-grandchild and she's even more pretty excited!  I was Gram's little buddy and people often mistook her for my mom because she was so young (and young looking!).  She, of course, couldn't wait to be called Grandma, but when I learned to talk, I called her "Jeanne."  Whoops!  I have many great memories of beach Saturdays with Gram and Pop (my grandfather), trips to get manicures, working with Gram on Saturday mornings, and lots and lots of sleepovers! 

Gram had two children and now has five grandchildren, and one great-grandchild on the way.  She adores her family and prays for us all the time.  She is very active in her church and attends mass every day.  Gram is stylish, hip and modern.  My grandfather got her Nintendo Wii for Christmas and she does her Wii fit religiously.  I don't have a Wii, but my grandmother does!  They are cruising to Bermuda soon and always have something fun and exciting planned.  She's not a person to sit and let experiences pass her by!  Her loads of friends are a testimony to her friendly, loving, social nature. 

My grandmother's life hasn't been a piece of cake. She had to move around a lot before settling back in New England.  She has a pacemaker because of some heart problems and has had to worry through many of my grandfather's health issues.  She's feisty though (yes, Gram, I called you feisty) and very strong. 

I'm pretty confident that all her children and grandchildren adore her back and couldn't imagine having another mother or grandmother! 

I love you, Gram!

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