Monday, April 5, 2010

Winner and Bump

First, the winner of the daisy hair clip is #4  Hannah!  Hannah, email me your address (email address is on the right over there) and I'll send it out to you ASAP!

Secondly, I figured it was time for a bump picture.  This is actually the first one I've taken.  Shameful, isn't it?

I made this skirt out of fabric I bought at Mood when I went there in 2008.  I made it to fit under the bump, knowing I'd wear a long (non-maternity yet!) t-shirt and sweater (not pictured) over it.  I think I prefer the under the bump philosophy.  We'll see as I get further along.  I drafted the pattern myself from directions taken from the book Sew What Skirts.  I added waaaaaay too much ease, so I had to make the back smaller and redo the zipper 3 times!  Good thing I don't mind installing invisible zippers!


  1. You're so cute! Can I please book ahead of time to babysit every third Thursday?! :)

  2. I was always an under the bump wearer too - until really late in pregnancy when my bump was huge :) I think arond 8 months i finally bought some full panel pants for work.




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