Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Art Kit

I actually came away from a Yankee Swap with a great present this Christmas.  I have my Yankee Swap strategies that I carry from year to year.  Here's a synopsis:

If you pick a bad number (low or middle) [which I seem to do every time] then you can't pick a good prize because you are going to lose it and end up with nose hair clippers or a Chia Pet.  SO, you have to pick a middle of the road gift that you think you would like, but no one else might.  I usually take away some picture frames or fuzzy blanket or something and I'm fine with it.  I rarely get the gift cards. 

THIS year, my brother bought these really cool drawing items as his swap gift.  Knowing my dad's family, none of them are artists, so I felt safe in picking this one.  My mom was the only one left who might take it.  She ended up taking a laptop holder thing. 

I felt the art kit needed some portability and organization!
My brother didn't include the crayola pencils, but the other things were part of the gift.
I can picture taking this to the beach, park, pool, etc. during the summer and sitting there lazily drawing away!

I got the basic idea from this tutorial:  Traveling Art Show but changed it a little bit.


  1. I like the fabric, and the items will make for some good artistic fun!

    P.S. Comments are so nice and so appreciated, aren't they?

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