Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Thanks for your patience with the winner!  I put everyone's name into a spreadsheet so I could randomly generate a number.  I don't like picking a winner because I want everyone to win.  Seriously, if I could think up a contest where everyone got  a prize, I would.  I don't think it would be a bag though... ;)

SO, talking on the phone to my husband, he volunteered to pick a number.  He picked the number 37 which, on my spread sheet, was SARAH  from Dandelions and Daffodils!  Sarah is a very loyal blog follower and fellow New Englander!  So, congratulations, Sarah!  Email me your address and I'll ship the bag out to you!

I'm going to have giveaways more frequently because I really really like giving things away.  Thanks again for following.  If I haven't followed your blog, I will.  I'm slowly and surely adding them all to my blog list.  I get very side tracked when I try to do that! 

Good Night from Keri, Josh (the random integer generator), and Levi
 (Oh yeah, I wanted to show you how helpful Levi was earlier when I was photographing the bag!)
So helpful!


  1. lovely bag, as always!!! do you use a pattern to make them or do you just "do" them? :-)

  2. DK approves of Levi's assistance. He says he likes to help out in the same way.



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