Monday, November 16, 2009

Christmas Goals

For participation in Holidays in Hand, I needed to write down some goals for this Christmas season.  I was totally in favor.  I find that if I write down goals, it is MUCH more likely to happen!  Here are mine:

 1.        ALWAYS remember why we are celebrating this holiday.  I love Christmas.  I love baking, buying, singing, wrapping, decorating, ribonning, garlanding, lighting, Christmas movie-ing, planning, making, sewing, gluing, eating and partying.  Really though, how much of that has to do with the birth of the Savior?  I don’t think I need to overhaul my Christmas activities, I just need to REMEMBER and REFLECT and INCORPORATE and keep Jesus at the forefront of my thoughts.
2.       Wrap presents.  No, the people on my Christmas list do not  get presents wrapped in Target bags.  However, every year I carefully plan out the wrapping paper, ribbon, tags, and other embellishments, but it’s always a hail mary effort on Christmas eve (or even Christmas Day [see #4 below]) to wrap as fast as possible because we need to leave.  I never enjoy it.  It usually lands in my husband’s lap.

3.       Be realistic.  Being out of touch with the measurement of time is an inherited trait.  I’m never realistic with the projects I take on for Christmas.  If I even think I have a free window, I just add another project.  Then everything takes me much longer and not only don’t I have that free window, I can’t finish the projects I have already started. 
4.       Finish ALL presents by noon on Christmas Eve.  Earlier would be better.  For many years now, I have been making presents up until Christmas Eve festivities, continuing them after Christmas Eve festivities, and still continuing them Christmas morning.  No wonder I feel that I’m lacking with goal #1.  I would loooooooove to sit and relax and not have presents hanging over me.
5.       Be resourceful with my current stash of raw materials.  We are using pine cones for our mass produced presents this year so that is resourceful, but I DO have a stash of fabric and paper that could be used to create many presents without the need to buy a lot more.  [Note to husband:  I didn’t say I wasn’t going to buy anything.  I said I was going to TRY to use the stash].
6.       Enjoy.  The month is so fleeting, it can be over before you say Jingle Bells.  I want to sit back and relax!
What are your holiday goals?


  1. Keri, I love your list! So inspirational. I need to get working on getting mine posted to my blog. Thanks for sharing yours.

  2. Enjoy and that is my kind of holiday!

  3. You're so good having your list done! Its only the second day and I'm already behind on the homework! ;)

    I really do love babysitting; I'm so glad that I've been able do it instead of working in a store or office all day! There defiantly are days that aren't so wonderful but over all its great! Of course,working at Joanns or Michael would be really fun... :)

    Sorry this is getting long but you should go see the comment that "Comcast" left on my 'Dear Comcast' post. Did someone *real* from Comcast seriously read my blog and offer me a(very technical) solution?! Maybe I should write a "Dear Bill Gates" and see if HE reads it and sends me some money(or a new computer-either way would be fine)!

    I'll stop talking now. :)

  4. I love your list. I need to adopt your goal of being resourceful with the things I already have on hand! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Lots of luck with meeting your goals-I've started this project too!



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