Friday, October 9, 2009

Greetings Guests

Ahhhh..... more projects! I love posting projects!

The apron went over very well for the bride-to-be. Tomorrow is her big day and I volunteered to make her guest book. She picked out a lovely mix of papers and the end result was great! The book started out as this kit from the Paper Source (Oy, I could spend my riches in there - if I had some...)

The pages are ready for the guests to write their messages of encouragement, blessing, and congratulations! (Or simply sign their names)
These are multitasking pictures. I'm taking a photography class through and I was practicing some photography elements like lighting and focus. Constructive feedback welcome!

I love the movie For Me and my Gal and the title song. Here are some lyrics:

Ev'rybody's been knowing, to a wedding they'e going.
And for weeks they've been sewing,
they've been sewing something old and something new,
sew something that is blue so they can make a trousseau for my gal.

This is what I feel like, except I am not sewing a trousseau, but something else altogether. Another post will come on that subject! Enjoy the long weekend. I'll be back soon with a tutorial!


  1. I hope you'll share pictures of the wedding! My brothers wedding is two weeks from tomrrow!! YAY!!

    "This is what I feel like, except I am not sewing a trousseau, but something else altogether." Sounds exciting. wink wink ;)

  2. Kerri, I think your photos are excellent. I can really see the textures and the simple lines flowing through. What kind of camera are you using?

  3. I quite like the paper and the texture of the ribbon -- so autumnal. I hope her wedding was fabulous!



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