Monday, August 31, 2009

Life Lessons from Josh - Perseverence (or when you used your wife to dangle a 300 lb washing machine over your head)

Here's another installment in Life Lessons from Josh. Things you can learn from my husband.

Today's Lesson - Perseverence. My husband does not give up. He does not I tell you. That highly commendable quality usually manifests itself in good ways - various degrees, our house, etc. However, I have now become a pawn in his perseverence game.

Here's his latest challenge: 300 lb washer (nearly) needs to go down the bulkhead stairs and into the basement. Your tools for this job are yourself and a wife who claims to be the least strong person in the world and wants nothing to do with moving incredibly heavy washers. Despite all of your great ideas, washer is just too heavy for you to handle on your own and all the wife can do is prove that she's the least strong person in the world.

However, you will NOT give up! You will attach dog leashes to the washer! Yeah!Then you will put it on a wooden board and toboggan it down the stairs! Until it gets stuck. And then you say, "Hold this while I go downstairs" and leave your wife on the other side of a dog leash, dangling a washing machine down a flight of stairs. [ Keri interjects - I did have him bring the camera down with him because I wanted photographic proof of this ].

So you stand underneath the 300 lb washer as your wife holds it with a dog leash and you try to "help" it down the rest of the flight of stairs. Miraculously, the least strong person in the world does NOT fly uncontrollably down the stairs on her stomach and the washing machine does in fact make it down the stairs. (The washer, by the way, was one inch smaller than the door frame. Measurment is material for another post though!)

The moral of the story is Never Give Up! Even when you have to use dog leashes!

The dryer comes this week..... :(


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  2. You're such a good storyteller. :) I'm almost as impressed that the dog leash held up as I am that you did.

  3. That actually looks dangerous! Good thing your Hubby knew how to do it! Glad everything turned out good!

  4. Oh goodness thats funny. My eyes just about popped out of my head when I saw the dog leash. :) The least strong person in the world should now feel that she is--atlest--the second least strongest person! The first is probably me...;)

    I'll be praying for you when the dryer comes! ;)

  5. I love the way you tell this story from the woman's perspective. I have learned from these experiences two things. Don't ask questions and don't give advice. Josh is determined which in our family is always misinterpreted as "thick-headed". And is the dryer as big as the washer? Round II coming up.

  6. Ok I'm laughing hystericaly at this! I love how you captured the photos as the moments went by and this all happened! Too funny!

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