Monday, August 3, 2009

Cute Baby Project

Pretty stolen from a Heather Bailey post about a crafter who uses her fabrics, BUT that's what blogs are for, right? Inspiration!

The font I used is one of my faaaaaaaaavorite fonts. It's called Fontleroy Brown and it has a brother font called Little Lord Fontleroy. I use them all the time. You can download them from

I added the rosette from my own head though. :D


  1. That turned out fantastic! How does the font translate to your fabric applique? Is it machine embroidery? Please share details!

  2. Gorgeous! And the rosette really makes it! ;)

    I am always so impressed by your work. It looks like it belongs in a very upscale boutique!

  3. Thank you Yaya and Serena!

    Yayaorchid, I print out the font really large and cut it out. Then I use that as my pattern to cut the letters out of the fabric. You have a lot of versatility that way. Just remember to arrange the pattern so the letters aren't backwards! Spoken from experience!

  4. Thank you Kerri! That sounds like something I could try.



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