Sunday, July 12, 2009

Name Me Please!

Our little golden retriever needs a name. Right now he's called Blue puppy because he wears a blue collar. We've picked out three names and we are now putting it up for vote! Help us decide! He's the first born of his siblings and is cutely chubby right now.

Here are the three names:

(Overall nice name, protagonist in Pride and Prejudice [last name], cute nickname possibilities)

(Goes along with the blue theme already in place, Biblical, I can picture a puppy AND an old graying dog named Levi)

(Interesting, different, where we took our honeymoon, we both like English history, makes me think of Jack London)

What do you think? Vote over there on the right!


  1. I'd go with London. It really is neat :-) And that puppy is so darn adorable!

  2. He's absolutely adorable! Oh, I love Golden Retrievers! I like all three name options, but I went with "Bennett" -- maybe it was the mention of "Pride and Prejudice" that got me! :-)

    Yours in Christ,

  3. I can't stand it. He is just too cute!!!

    I vote for Bennett.

  4. Ok, so Bennet is adorable but London is super cool and gives me a fun "travel the world" feeling. I'd go with that.

    Are you going to give him a middle name? I LOVE giving pets middle names! :)

  5. I vote for London. ;o) The puppy is the CUTEST!! I bet all you want to do is play with him. ;o)

  6. London! Especially because of your honeymoon.

  7. you already know my vote is for London, but figured I'd make it official...

  8. I vote London. It's the most unique but it's not too weird :)

  9. I voted for London, but I think you should name him Blue. ;) We had dog brothers named Samson and Blue, and I've always loved those names for dogs.

  10. So adorable! Just LOVE that face :) . I vote for Levi. I like the name Bruce (from the thicket) but what a beautiful dog! His face to me looks so filled with wisdom for such a young pup.

  11. I know everyone seems to be voting for London, but you really SHOULD go with Levi. I LOVE it and really it is about me... right?? Ok, seriously, I really like Levi, so that's my vote!

  12. Hmmm....I like both Bennet and Levi...but being that it's a dog you're naming, I would vote for Bennet.

  13. I vote for Bennett because I love Pride and Prejudice!

  14. Name him London
    but that won't do;

    you must name him
    London Blue



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