Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Celebratory Fruit... A Cake and Heather Bailey

Weird title, I know!

Monday and Tuesday were my
1.) Birthday and
2.) Anniversary
which equals
3.) Complicated gift and celebration planning time for my husband. He always comes through though as you will see in a minute!

We had a GREAT few days, which I'll share more abut in another post. I wanted to highlight just the fruit in this one... ;)

So first, my mom made me this fantastic cake for my birthday. If you remember the cake from last year (2008 cake) you won't be surprised at how cool this cake is. My mom is talented!
The juice is actually colored corn syrup to make it look like juice. Take that Ace of Cakes!

Secondly, this is our second anniversary {cotton anniversary} and I got the sweetest, funnest, most fabulous present from Heather Bailey (and Josh).

He emailed Heather Bailey, looking to find out about signed pin cushions that he saw on the website a while back. He got a very sweet email back from Emily saying that there weren't any more signed pin cushions, but Heather was willing to part with a pear one. (He was inquiring about getting one for my birthday, but gave it to me for an anniversary present instead since it fit so nicely with the cotton anniversary). SO, Heather signed my pear! And it's perfect in the craft room! And my husband is the best! So are Heather and Emily! Thank you so much!

This is what I made Josh by the way. It's his name in nautical flags for his "man room." Cotton anniversary is my specialty (his too apparently)! Next year is leather - oh my!


  1. 1) For whatever random reason,I was thinking today and wondering when your anniversary was.So happy anniversary and happy birthday!

    2) I LOVE the cakes your mom has made you. I wish I could decorate cakes half so well--your mom should teach me! ;)

    3) Name that cute little puppy Levi(please). :)

  2. I totally agree....your Mom is super talented! That is a magazine worthy photo layout food picture!

    And Happy Birthday to you and Happy Anniversary to you and your Sweetheart! Love the uniqueness of your gifts!

  3. So romantic and thoughtful you are to each other. Love the Flag Gift and the Pin cushion...they are over the top in special.

  4. You two are very sweet and thoughtful. Well done! I can't wait to see what you do for 6--iron is traditional and wood is modern. Hmmm.

  5. omg, thank you!!! Me and mr. Kilts anniversary is coming up and I finally know what to give him! Everyone in his family, all his relatives, have been or are sailors. He will aboslutely love this, thank you so much!



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