Sunday, March 29, 2009

Diary of an (Almost) Homeowner

I'm going to try to chronicle some of the house buying details here every once in a while. I'm going to start with some 'before' pictures.....

Let us enter through the side door. First you enter the porch.......

Then you go into the kitchen where we are going to do some math.
Dishwasher = good, black = bad (all other appliances are white)
Cabinets = paint. Faux brick linoleum floor = ewwww!
Painting cabinets + replacing floor = a lot of work. Looking forward to it though!

Next, lets take a step into the living room..... Much less work in here!

First floor bedroom. Paint required.

First floor den or small bedroom. Future home of bookcases and Link.

Bathroom. Workable as it is, but will need changing some day.

Let's climb the stairs to the second floor! I happen to like these stairs, but not the hideous poles on the right. They extend to the ceiling! Can we spell chainsaw??
I've got plans for the stair risers.....

Bad picture, but this is the future home of the craft room. It also has a lovely wooden floor. No more pins sticking out of carpet!
Here is a shot of the backyard. There is a little stream that you can't see!

Our definite pre-moving renovating plans are:
1.) Refinish all wood floors
2.) Paint cabinets white with an antiqe/distressed stain
3.) Paint kitchen, living room, bedroom walls and trim

We might:
1.) Replace faux brick linoleum floor

I accept any tips for a first time home buyer!


  1. What a great house! With a little "love" and your fantastic decorating skills, it's going to look lovely!

    I'm not a homeowner, though, so I'm afraid I don't have any tips. ;-)

    I hope you enjoy working on your new home!

    Yours in Christ,

  2. No tips here, but it's a really cute house and looks like it has a lot of potential!

  3. I love it! I love buying a new house - not the upkeep of the house though...

    Paint - is such a great, easy, cheap way to change the look / feel of any room. We have lots of color in our house.

    Floor - well. It depends on what you want / can spend. We actually had Pergo installed in our old house in NJ before we moved & I liked it just fine. It was easy to clean - we had 2 St Bernard's at the time. Easy to clean was a must! Right now I'm in love with Flor. It might be a fun way to go if you don't have time / money to devote to a new floor. I redid two rooms (by myself - one was a present for my husband for father's day) with Flor.

    Have fun! Beth

  4. I love the floors! So pretty! I look forward to seeing the progress.

  5. I wonder if the poles were meant to be stained and not painted to add a bigger room look? Great house for you--very very happy.

  6. It's beautiful! It will be charming when you're done putting your touches on it!

  7. Yay! The journey begins! What a sweet house with endless potential! Looking forward to watching the tranformation....and getting great ideas in the process! I love having my own home, it makes all those trips to Lowe's so much more meaningful and exciting now! Pick up a Better Homes and Garen Do It Yourself mag and roll up those sleeves! Good luck!

  8. What a wonderful house! It will look fabulous when you put your own personal touches on it. Funny, but I don't see any problem with the stair poles. Maybe they're made that way for safety? I like 'em!

    Paint is always good and inexpensive. Where I live, ceramic and saltillo tile is very inexpensive, that would look nice in your bathroom.

    For the outside, make sure you plant trees on the west side to shade your house and keep cooling costs down in the Summer. Just don't use Arizona Ash trees which seed....they'll drop their ugly seed pods each Spring. There is however a seedless variety which we also have. Oaks, maples, pecan, magnolia, and even fruit trees are good choices. Can you tell I love gardening? LOL!



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