Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oooh Mexico!

I'll tell you a secret..... last week I was in
I had to get away from this New England winter somehow! We chose by ship, but first we took a loooooooong drive to Florida, stopping first to have a lovely visit with the in-laws.

Some mustering the first day!

Our ship is the leeetle one, the Grandeur of the Seas. The larger one is the Independence of the Seas.

Where else but a cruise can you get food like this every morning?Or like this at midnight?
Or where a stranger folds your towels into animal shapes before you go to bed? (That never gets old)

Where you can see blue skies and aqua waters....
Or have your picture taken under a palm tree while you are sleeping?
Or play ping pong over the Gulf of Mexico?
Or spend the week relaxing with your husband?
Sign me up for next year!!!!


  1. Jealousy abounds! Looks like a very lovely time...someday maybe me and mine will go on a cruise...sigh...

  2. I was wondering where you guys were!! I love cruises! We went on our honeymoon and we talk regularly about going back!!...mostly for the food :)

  3. Oh, seriously!! I'm so jealous... sign me up for next year too.

  4. Keri, what a wonderful way to get away from it all, especially with the winters you'll have! I'm glad you had a great time and thank you for sharing your pictures!

  5. Looks like you had a great time :0) Awesome!! Good thing you weren't asleep w/your mouth open in your palm tree :0)

  6. Jealous!

    ♥ xtine



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