Sunday, February 15, 2009

Of Cookies and Penguins

I swear I didn't do this on purpose, but when I was making cookies on Friday, this sweet treat came out of the oven!

Here are some adorable cookies one of my students made with his mom. He also decorated a cookie for each of his classmates with their names on them. Adorable!

And more adorable is this crocheted penguin. The same student asked his mom to make this for him. He's become a class mascot of sorts. They've named him Phatty P. They don't know that their teacher is Phatty P.'s biggest fan!

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  1. That is one cute little penguin!

  2. I happen to love penguins. I used to call my youngest Son (now 21) "pinguino", which means penguin :)

    I believe you about the chocolate chip cookie, since those you have to drop as a dollop on the cookie sheet. Very sweet outcome!



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