Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Oliver and S dress

A new venture - children's clothing! Save a christening gown a few years ago, I haven't made any children's clothing. I saw this Oliver and S pattern and went crazy over it. I actually had to find a little girl to make the dress for! Thankfully it all worked out because my husband needed a thank you present for his coworker.
I couldn't photograph this too well because I couldn't hang it up - my hangers were all too big!

A peek at the hem facing. The bloomers - so cute!

The patterned fabric is from Moda. The plain pink is from the evil Joanns.
The pattern was a dream to work with. I like that it's so versatile. This could be a jumper in colder weather!

Oliver and S's fall patterns are out - head on over and take a look!


My grandmother's birthday was Sunday so of course she needed a bag!

It's from the same fabric line as the Oiseaux bag - Anna Griffin Sierra (all but the pocket)
I'm in the midst of making some for my etsy shop. Yeah! I'm also in the midst of redesigning le blog, (this look is not staying). That will be sometime soon!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Les Oiseaux

This might be my favorite bag ever! I named it "les oiseaux" (the birds). It's the most complicated bag I've made because I added a recessed zipper at the top. That actually was not that difficult once I waded through all the online tutorials.

In the pictures it looks tote bag sized, but it isn't. It's hand bag size.
Not too big and not too small!

The buttons are antique. I inherited them from my husband's great aunt who passed away.

The recessed zipper
Two inside slip pockets

Of course it needed a cute inside zip pocket!

Sadly, I'm giving this one away. I wish I could keep it! One day I'll make one to keep.
I am making an etsy shop for my "normal" sewing and crafts. I already have one specifically for organics. I might make another one of these oiseaux bags and put it up!

And if you are wondering:
Pattern: my own
Fabric: Anna Griffin

Au revoir!

Hats, Graces, and Coaches

Earlier this month, my husband and I took a day trip to Old Sturbridge Village, a 19th century village in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. I had been a few times when I was younger, but I wanted to go again. It is set up as a New England Village in the 1790-1830s era. You can visit the general store, tinsmith, gristmill, blacksmith, schoolhouse, and much more!

Here's a photo journey:

An overview of one of the farms

Me playing "graces." I teach this one to my students every year. I think it's fun too! It's supposed to help you become more graceful!
A room in one of the "new" houses. Most of the buildings are authentic New England buildings carefully taken from their original location and placed in the village. This house was a house completely built from materials in the village.
I don't think that applies to the wallpaper though!
This is the "owner " of the house. She was braiding straw to sell. When she braided enough straw, she would sell it to someone who would make hats out of it. Hmm.... A new craft to try!!!
These women were making fried cucumbers (table) and also were making a raspberry pie in a dutch oven. The men doing work outside were eager to eat it!
This is the shop of a woodworker. He was making milking pails!
The new village stagecoach. Wouldn't you love to put on a regency dress and climb right in?!
A bedroom in one of the fancy houses

A living room in the fancy house. My husband asked if it was a piano forte.
Have I ruined him or what??
I liked this sign. I made it my computer wallpaper!It was an enjoyable 19th century day!

Edited to add a link for "graces" instructions: Graces

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

M is for Madison

Today is my last day watching baby Madison so I made her a little room decoration. Her crib is black, with pink bedding and decorations, so I made this posh m for a posh little baby! The base is a paper mache letter, covered with scrapbook paper - not hoarded this time!

Some crocheted lace, a fabric yo yo (fabric from the stash!), some grosgrain ribbon, a paper flower and a brad for the center.

I think this is a fun baby gift. Usually I buy books for new babies, but I might add this to my repertoire in addition to the books. A little premade, a little homemade!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Confessions of a Scrapbook hoarder

Confession: I am a hoarder. Especially when it comes to scrapbook paper. I buy it, but I don't use it. I keep it. In my paper organizer. Where no one sees it, even me. If it's really beautiful, I have a hard time using it at all. Ever. I buy and buy and buy more paper. Have I made myself any scrapbooks? NOPE. (To my credit, I DO make scrapbooks for other people, just not myself) .

***SIDE RANT (related, but a tangent nonetheless)
Alright, here's my issue with scrapbooking. There's too many options. For example, say I wanted to make a page about playing tennis in high school. I go out and buy this paper that looks good. It's got tennis rackets on it. It's cute. So I buy it and make a layout with it. THEN, the next store I'm in I find a CUTER paper and now my completed layout looks a little drab to me. It's nice, but it could be nicer. Then I get frustrated that I spent time on something that I'm not thrilled about anymore. If it's sewing, and I've made a bag with one fabric then I find another fabric I like better, I'd just make another bag (or another skirt or whatever). With scrapbooking, I feel that I've only got one shot at a particular event or group of photos. I'm too much of a perfectionist, I know. END SIDE RANT***

Anyway, this week was a monumental week for me. I used a piece of scrapbook paper. And a beautiful one at that. I've been wanting a journal with blank paper for a while. That's difficult to find. Most have lines. I don't like lines; they are too binding. Unless it's graph paper, then I love it. So I either like LOTS of lines or NONE at all. I decided to make myself a journal. Here's the results:

I bought the text block and book board from the Paper Source, which is a beautifully creative company. There are two Paper Sources in Boston. I had to go to Boston to the dentist (Which I HAAAATE) so I treated myself to a trip to the Paper Source to salvage the trip.

The paper I realized only when I started making the book is Sis Boom (Jennifer Paganelli , whose fabric I love, whose aesthetic I love, whose blog I read daily ------------> )

I started the process thinking I would post a tutorial. Then I realized I'm not good at that, because I forgot to take pictures of like 5 steps. I'll try better with the next one. This is the third book I've made and I really like it! And I used paper! From my stash!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Beach Bag

I needed a beach bag.
Fine, I saw this beautiful fabric and made up a project to go with it.

I normally don't like theme fabric to go with a theme, but this fabric was too cute to pass up.

Anna Griffin fabric
My own patternA peek at one of the outside pockets.

The inside pocket

Watch out Vera Bradley!

Paper Anniversary

"I am not at all in a humor for writing; I must write on till I am."
~Jane Austen in a letter to Cassandra
October 26, 1813

Here is my paper anniversary present. It's a set of 19th century Jane Austen novels. Pretty great, huh? They are in beautiful condition. I almost hate to touch them. (I said almost).

Here is one of the delightful illustrations from Pride and Prejudice:

"I must confess that I think her as delightful a creature as ever appeared in print, & how I shall be able to tolerate those who do not like her at least, I do not know."

letter to Cassandra, on Pride and Prejudice's Elizabeth Bennet
January 29, 1813 [79]

My husband the deal finder found them on Ebay (of course) and they came from a book store in a castle in England. Can it get any better than that? I was blown away with this incredible present. Merci beaucoup mon mari!

The second anniversary is the cotton anniversary. . . Ooh la la!


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