Saturday, August 16, 2008

Les Oiseaux

This might be my favorite bag ever! I named it "les oiseaux" (the birds). It's the most complicated bag I've made because I added a recessed zipper at the top. That actually was not that difficult once I waded through all the online tutorials.

In the pictures it looks tote bag sized, but it isn't. It's hand bag size.
Not too big and not too small!

The buttons are antique. I inherited them from my husband's great aunt who passed away.

The recessed zipper
Two inside slip pockets

Of course it needed a cute inside zip pocket!

Sadly, I'm giving this one away. I wish I could keep it! One day I'll make one to keep.
I am making an etsy shop for my "normal" sewing and crafts. I already have one specifically for organics. I might make another one of these oiseaux bags and put it up!

And if you are wondering:
Pattern: my own
Fabric: Anna Griffin

Au revoir!


  1. It's lovely! You did a great job with those zippers, and you always pick the nicest fabrics.

  2. First I must say it turned out so nicely! I love your choice of fabrics, and the way they combine and enhance each other. I wish I could sew as good as you, given that zippers scare me.

    Second, perhaps you should consider marketing your pattern. Probably making them to sell would be very time consuming, although for sure you would have lots of customers. May I ask where you bought your fabric? I'll have to look it up online.

  3. I absolutely love it! I really think I need one. Gotta save my pennies, because I could never do that zipper. Have you decided what to charge for one? Do you do cat fabrics?

  4. i like this keri, its really cute:) can you send me the link to your etsy store?

  5. Keri, that is such a lovely bag! It's gorgeous!

    Rachel xxx

  6. I am Brazilian and always look at your blog. I would like to give me step by step how to make this tote and how to sew the zipper. Alexsandra
    alexsandra.golden @



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