Thursday, September 11, 2008

Movie Recommendations

Bleak House

A while ago, I purchased Bleak House on DVD because I love Charles Dickens. For whatever reason, I did not watch it until a few weeks ago. I loved it! It's classic Dickens, with quirky, satirical characters and intricate plot lines. The plot centers on the case of Jarndyce and Jarndyce which is a longstanding inheritance battle where no one knows which is the legal will, therefore no one knows the legal heir. I expected it to be very......well....bleak..... but it is a GREAT movie which I highly recommend!

North and South

I've loved North and South for a long time. I want to make sure that those who love British period dramas have seen it! If you have not, WATCH IT! It's about the dichotomy of the industrial North and the countrified South. Of course, in the midst, there is a Northern Factory owner and girl from the south who moves northward and objects to the North. Their tempestuous relationship is story magic! The acting is superb in my eyes and the ending fantastic (even though it is slightly different than the book!).

Any other fans of these movies? I must point these out, because I have seen several movies I have NOT liked recently and I'd much rather dwell on these fantastic ones!


  1. *raises hand* I love both of these movies! I'm a die-hard Dickens fan, so I was thrilled with the new adaptation of "Bleak House." Even those who don't love Dickens seem to like the movie, which surprised me (it is 8 hours long, after all!). "Little Dorrit" is in production right now, and I can't wait!

    "North and South" is wonderful -- I consider myself hard to please, but I just loved it! I thought it was fairly faithful to the book, and beautifully done.

    I haven't seen any new movies recently, but it seems there's rather a dearth of good movies just know!

    Yours in Christ,

  2. I'll be on the lookout for those movies. I love 'English' type movies and books!

  3. Oh I absolutely love both of these! I watched Bleak House last summer, and loved it so much! And then I watched North and South this summer with my Mum....we both cried at the end! So good!

    Rachel xxxx

  4. I've seen them both and would have to agree! :) Bleak House was so addicting - you just kept putting in the disks! lol. And North and South is one of my favorite period dramas of all time. The romance is masterfully done and Richard Armitage is fantastic. :)

  5. Oh, yes! Both, wonderful movies. We own "North and South", but I've only seen the new "Bleak House" once. I'd like to watch it again. Is it really eight hours long? Wow. Time flies when you're having fun. :)

  6. Janna, you are right... time flies when you're having fun. People (usually men) are always shocked at the length of many of my movies, but I wish they would go on longer! I'm always sad when a good movie ends.

    Shannon, I can't wait to see Little Dorrit!

    Amanda, I keep putting in Bleak House - It's so addicting! I love to watch Mr. W and Esther. He looks at her and looks at her and looks at her!

    Yaya, definitely find these movies. I'm sure you will enjoy them.

    Rachel, I cried the first time too!



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