Friday, June 13, 2008

Summer Keri

Today was my first official day of summer vacation. As a teacher, it's kind of something for which you live. I refer to myself during the summer as "Summer Keri" like I'm some sort of vacation super hero. Summer Keri is relaxed, carefree, and fulfilled because she can explore things that interest her whenever she wants. In the past she has had a clean car and bedroom. This summer, her goal is clean house. She has time, she has energy. She has plans. She has projects.

Certainly, during the rest of the year, I undertake creative projects too. It's just that something is always hanging over my head - papers to correct, emails to parents to write, bulletin boards to cut out. When I do something creative, it's generally with a little guilt. I've tried my best this year to not feel the guilt and I think I did a good job. I'm just so relieved to have freedom for the whole summer. I also get to babysit a little baby who is only a few months old, so I'm looking forward to that as well.

SO this summer will mean lots of projects, lots of sewing, lots of blogging. I can't wait!

In honor of my summer vacation, I'll post some pictures I took in Jamestown, Rhode Island this past weekend. The people on the boat know how to do summer!


  1. I've posted my answers to the literary quiz you tagged me for!

  2. I bet you're so glad to be on the summer holidays now! My fiance is a teacher, and other family members, and I know how much they look forward to a well-earned break : )

    Rachel xxx



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