Sunday, June 22, 2008

Nevers and Haves

File this under quirky......

My Never list is pretty extensive. Most of them are the general "good girl" nevers (never had cigarettes, drugs, alcohol etc.). I have a few that are pretty different though.

Had Soda (of any kind)
Had Coffee
Colored my hair
Had a boyfriend other than my husband
Worn contacts
Been to South America, Asia, Africa, Australia, or Antarctica

I have:
Flown in a biplane.... as in loops, dives, and twirls and "Oh, you must wear a parachute in order to get in the plane. We're not going to tell you HOW TO USE the parachute, but you have to wear one!"

Shot a gun.... not at anything living though. My husband suggested I bring scrapbook paper to shoot at, so I have lovely flowered paper with a couple bullet holes in it. How's that for quaint and quirky?? I wasn't very good at the gun, but it was pretty fun. Shocking, but fun.

Been horseback riding in Jamaica.... Another one where there wasn't a lot of explanation on how to USE THE HORSE. Here's your horse, you're going to sit bareback on him and he's going in the water with a herd of horses. I actually came very VERY close to falling off the horse in the water and being trampled by other horses. Shudder. Would do it again though!

Been to Europe...... on my honeymoon. It was great. I hadn't had McDonald's in over 10 years, but I ate it TWICE in France. It was either pay $100 for duck or $6 for a hamburger. Since duck didn't sound appealing and neither did $100, I opted for the Mickey D's! I could have eaten Nutella crepes for every meal though.....

I want to know other people's nevers and haves. Share with me something you have NEVER done and what you HAVE done!


  1. I love the picture with the French trashcan! :) So cute!

  2. I agree...I think I'll have to paint "Merci" on my trash compactor. :)

  3. All your nevers go for me, too, except soda.

    One thing I have done is played a concerto with an orchestra. Just my high school orchestra, but still, it was pretty exciting!

  4. Oh my goodness, I'm with you on the Nutella crepes!! ;-)

  5. Anything with Nutella is good, in my opinion ;)

    How I wish I could say I've never had soda! But I can claim the rest of your "good girl" nevers ;)

    Yours in Christ,

  6. I was in Europe for 16 days several years ago; I lived on McDonalds! I hate it here, but it was sooo good there. I'm not sure why, but I'm glad I'm not the only one who ate McDonald's in Europe!



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