Thursday, May 1, 2008


Okay, this is a total fluff post. I need to take some pictures of things I'm working on, but I felt like blogging.

Admission: I love "reality" television.

I really don't watch a lot of television, but if I need something to entertain my mind while I do other things, I seem to only put on reality shows. This has a lot to do with the fact that I find current sitcoms and dramas to be extremely vulgar. I am also a **VERY** competitive person, and I enjoy competitive shows. Here are a few of my favorites, my thoughts, and the degree of devotion:

American Idol Season 7
American Idol: Very devoted.... I got my family caught on this show a few years ago. Brooke was probably my favorite this year, so I'm sad she's gone.

Project Runway: Very devoted...... Love the clothing design, construction challenge aspect of the show. I'm as eager as the designers to see what the next challenge is! Make it work!

Little People, Big World..... Slightly devoted - Will watch if it's on...... Who doesn't love a show about inspiring little people? I like Amy the best.... I find Matt a little ...cunning.

The Gosselin's Website
Jon and Kate + Eight.... Slightly devoted - Will watch if it's on .... I do find this show fascinating though. These people have twins and sextuplets. Kate gets on my nerves because she's so high strung, high maintenance, and she bosses Jon around like he's three years old.

What Not to Wear ..... Slightly devoted - Will watch if it's on....... Stacey and Clinton know how to dress people, thats for sure! I like that they make women dress femininely.
Remember, it doesn't have to match, but it does have to go!

Any other reality television junkies out there?


  1. Will watch, Little people, but can't stand the mess they live in and how their children talk to respect...

    Now..Jon and Kate...she drives me crazy...and my husband can't stand this show....

    love HGTV

  2. I like what not to wear also. Sometimes they make women wear pants that are just to tight on top though and it makes me mad.

    I also like America's Next Top Model but it usually bad. haha! I just like seeing how they look before the shoot and after. I personally think anyone could be a model after watching that show.



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