Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Helpful websites.... and a not-so-helpful one

Confession: I really like the Internet. Maybe more than that. Maybe I'm slightly addicted. Maybe even if I'm in a place where I have no Internet connection and I know I have no Internet connection, I still repeatedly open Firefox. And when Firefox doesn't work, I double click on Internet Explorer. And when Internet Explorer doesn't work, I try Safari. Full well knowing I have NO Internet connection. Maybe I sometimes want to open Microsoft Word or Photoshop and instead I find myself staring at my igoogle page because I clicked on the Internet instead.

It's not like I don't get things done. I do. It's just that in between, there's a lot of surfing, updating, googling, etc.

So I decided I'll put the powers of the web to good use. Here are some websites that are helpful and might help you improve your life!

Bible Gateway - My preferred online Bible research site. It's simple, includes many translations and commentary, and you can listen to many passages narrated by Max McLean - my favorite audio Bible narrator. I'm open to learning what others use though! - A website where they only sell one product per day at reduced prices. It's mostly gadgety stuff, but if you like gadgets or you need presents for gadget lovers, it's a great website. It gets kind of fun looking at the woot of the day each day as well. Act fast - they only sell the product for one day or until they sell it out!

Internet Movie Database - I think many people know about this one, but it's invaluable for remembering things that drive you crazy. I'll see someone in a movie and say, "WHERE have I seen that person before?" (This happens a LOT in British productions because they reuse their actors frequently). You can search by actor/actress or movie/television show. I'm always the person that my mom or grandparents call when they can't remember someone's name or the name of a movie. The IMDB is invaluable. - Who doesn't know this website? But I use it frequently for reviews. Even if I don't plan on ordering from amazon, it's a great place to read customer reviews which are much more valuable to me than professional reviews. - I'm really appreciative of this website. I had very problematic skin for a while. I tried Proactiv and other things, but it never worked consistently for me. The creator of did a lot of research and found the best combination for troubled skin. I follow his "regimen" and my skin has been much better for years. Merci beaucoup!

Audible - Audible is a great audio book website. I was a member for years, downloading two audio books a month. I will listen to audio books when I'm sewing, cleaning, doing dishes, driving long distances, etc. They have a wide selection of fiction and non-fiction books on a variety of subjects. Even the ones I've read and reread in book form I buy from Audible! You don't have to join to purchase, but the value is much better!

And....... the not so helpful one, but pretty amusing:
Guess the Sitcom Character/Dictator game - Being a child of the 80s, I unfortunately watched a lot of sitcoms (Before sitcoms got bad or I got discernment or a combination of both). Pick a sitcom character, answer the question, and be amazed! Pick a dictator if you want, but why would you want to? Try some popular ones and some obscure ones!

Feel free to add other helpful websites if you have some!

Edited: I'll add the websites others suggest!
Mrs. Mordecai suggested Librivox for free audio books!
Anna suggested rhymezone for rhyming words, definitions, homonyms, synonyms antonyms and more!


  1. Thanks for the recommendations! I'll have to check out Audible. Have you found yet? Free audio books. Yum.

  2. I always use Bible Gateway - I prefer that website as well.

    There is also
    It gives you definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and of course, words that rhyme! There are also many other features and resources on the website. I always make sure a window is open with this website while I'm writing a paper. It comes in handy :) You should check it out!

  3. Hi there, I found your blog from the S and S messageboards! I'll definitely check out the acne website, as I suffer from bad skin. Thanks for sharing :-)

    Rachel xxx

  4. Ha Anna! That's a great website. I typed in my first name and it gave me lots of great words like meadow clary (which it tells me is a violet/blue old world perennial!)
    Keri Keri Meatdow Clary!

    Mrs. Mordecai, I checked out the librivox website and started listening to Persuasion. That's a great source!

    Rachel, definitely check out the website. I use Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer and the benzyl peroxide from the website.



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