Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dressing Like a Girl - Saturday

I don't have pictures from Friday, so we can skip to Saturday's event. Our church hosts a mother/daughter luncheon every year. This year's theme was 'purse'onality. It was quite cute and I will elaborate further later.

Here is a picture of the ladies in my family:
My mother-in-law Joan on the left, my mom Beth in the middle, me
My mom's mom Jeanne on the front left and my dad's mom Pauline on the front right

I didn't get pictures of my outfit, but I really like my dress! It's from *GASP* Macy's! It's totally my style except for the fact that it is clearly too low cut, so shirt underneath is required!

A closeup of the front detail:


  1. It sounds like a wonderful event!

    I love your dress -- blue and white is perhaps my favorite combination, and the floral pattern is just lovely. What a good idea to combine it with a shirt!

    Yours in Christ,

  2. It is a very nice dress! I love blue and white, too. I wish more designers would do dresses that didn't require so much accessorizing, though.



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