Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Blessing and an Offer

Someone at my church told me that she had some ribbon and lace to give away if I came to her house that day. When we pulled up, we were floored! Not only did she have mountains of ribbon and lace, she had zippers, elastic, rick rack, bias tape, nylon webbing, pincushions, and much more! She let me take a ton of stuff for free, but she is also selling some. So crafty blog world, if you are interested in anything, email me at

She still has to let me know the prices, but if anyone wants to make an offer, I can pass it on as well. The ideal person to buy this is someone who can kind of take a 'pot luck' variety of a certain thing because she does not have the time to measure and categorize everything.

The whole lot that I got has a slight cedar/old odor to it, but nothing that can't be aired out!

It is a ridiculous amount of sewing notions. I'm still dumbfounded!

Here's some of what she gave me:
Zippers - like 50 of them! These are a variety of the colors.

Bias tape, elastic, eyelet, lace
Rickrack and riboon

More ribbon (lots of widths!)



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