Tuesday, April 15, 2008

This is Punishment

I'm on spending punishment. I'm punishing myself. I do this frequently.


Craft and fabric stores are my enemy.


Let's say you plan a trip to Joanns because specialty cotton is on sale for 40% off and you need three yards for a new dress. You even have the pattern already! This will be a quick and inexpensive trip.

Then you walk into Joanns and they plop you in the scrapbook section. A sheet of stickers for $1.99 sounds like an inexpensive way to jazz up a card or scrapbook page. Besides, you just got back from your honeymoon and you just HAVE to have this cute little houndstooth suitcase sticker with a matching antique globe and a vintage looking airplane. And then there's the paper. Antique maps that match your new antique globe sticker!

Then...ooooh..... all the Easter things are on sale. Seventy percent off! Can you beat that? You NEED this pastel wreath for next year. And it's $2.39! Maybe you should get two..... and this basket.

Then you remember that you need a new paint brush. And it's your grandmother's birthday coming up, so you should make her a necklace. And LOOK! All the beads are on sale for 40% off. You don't even have to use your coupon!

Then you mosey on to the fabric section, which is the real reason you are here. You find the fabric. Perfect! Head for the counter, but not before you realize that you forgot to check the pattern back for the notions you need. No worries! You can look at the same pattern here and put it back when you are done. But....oooh...... look at that new Retro pattern! It's the perfect summer dress. And Simplicity patterns are on sale for $1.99! What timing!

Then you spot the perfect fabric for the perfect new Retro dress pattern! Grab it before some else does! Phew! You made it to the fabric counter. Wow..... even with the coupon, that little yellow receipt seems a little off... anyway...

Notions: Zipper, buttons, some grosgrain ribbon, some hem tape.... you might want to get some bias tape too because you saw a dress on someone's blog edged with bias tape and it was SO CUTE! Good thing notions aren't that expensive.

Then, you get to the counter and you do the mental estimation. Thirty dollars maybe? The fabric total HAD been higher than you estimated. Then the total pops on the screen:


Excuse me? Don't you mean $32.76? But you bought buttons! And a suitcase sticker! Where did this total come from???? Then you scrutinize the receipt all the way to the car, only to find out that you lose the battle.

How did that happen??

Summary: Craft and fabric stores are my enemy.

The end result: Purchasing Punishment
My goal is not to buy anything unnecessary until June 13th (last day of school). Can I make it? Can I avoid Target and Old Navy and the evil Joanns?

Then again, I DO have a Joanns' Gift Card that has some money left on it......


  1. Kerri, that sounds so much like me, LOL! Except my DH has starting saying that I need to put a dent in my fabric stash "You have so much stuff, but I never see you make anything". Well, he is right up to a point, I've been on injury leave, at least that's my excuse.

    Can't wait to see your fabric purchase,and what you'll create!

  2. Oh my gosh, that has me just about in tears. :) That is *exactly* like my most recent JoAnn's run... I've started to limit myself to going when I only actually need something, instead of popping in for a sale to "browse". That way I only spend half of my grocery budget once every few months, instead of every two weeks. ;-P Thanks for stopping at my blog, and congratulations on your recent marriage!

  3. Keri, I had the same experience at the recent JoAnn's sale! In fact, my total was just about the same as yours! ;-) And yes, I did scrutinize that receipt very closely -- "surely they made a mistake!" Thank you for a very funny post!

    I just found your blog through your comment on mine, and am enjoying "getting to know you." :-)

    Yours in Christ,

  4. Tee hee hee hee, I know this thought :) I always try to keep a mental tab, but well... I'm not *that* good at math!



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