Saturday, April 5, 2008

Play Ball!

I titled this blog "Quaint and Quirky" because I think that describes me pretty well. Quaint is my love of sewing, crafting, creating, old clothing, home making and decorating and other things. Quirky is the things about me that might surprise you. One thing that surprises those who don't know me is that I'm a huge sports fan. Baseball is far and above my favorite sport and I'm a home grown, born and bred Red Sox fan.

My husband had season tickets to the Red Sox when I met him - one of my favorite attributes about him! (just kidding, of course!) Our first game is this coming Wednesday!

What surprises others to learn about you?


  1. I want my husband to grow a ponytail.

  2. I want my husband to grow a ponytail. -Mary

  3. HA! Yeah, that would surprise me about you!

  4. That I wish I had known when I was young that being a baker would be an awesome profession to learn and work at. Now, at 50, I'm not sure I'd have the energy for that sort of work. But I do LOVE to bake, especially bread.



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