Monday, March 17, 2008

My first...

Today was my first St. Patrick's Day as an Irishwoman. I do Irish stepdancing, my first name is Irish, and my maiden name was a river in Ireland, but I was not Irish. This year, I'm Irish by marriage and that's good enough for me!

A very kind and gracious woman at our church crocheted this for us when we got married. We don't even know her that well, but her ministry is to do this for all newly married couples. I guess the gifts we don't expect or deserve are often the sweetest!

Erin Go Bragh!


  1. I think that's hilarious that you're ok with being Irish by marriage! I'm Irish originally, but I guess going off your comment, I'm Mexican by marriage??? LOL. I'd love it if you'd link to my blog, and thank you so much for the comment!



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