Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Irish Steppin' and A Public Service Announcement

I decided my Irish dancing shoes needed a new home, so I made them a bag. I'm into bags lately.... More will be coming! I've been Irish dancing for mmm.... about four years now. I absolutely love going to my class. It's fun, challenging, and a great workout.
The soft shoes are called ghillies. The hard shoes are just...hard. Be careful not to kick yourself in the shin.
The bag details: Fabric - Amy Butler
Pattern - Chic Bags
It was a really simple pattern to put together..... Recommended!

Public Service Announcement: Back up your computer! Back up your pictures, your music, your documents, everything! My laptop hard drive decided not to work this past week. I had to get a new one, but thankfully my husband's friend was able to get ALL my stuff off my old hard drive. I was so thankful.

Now that the computer is recovered, I plan on posting more often. It's a goal.

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