Thursday, September 24, 2009

Levi update

My baby is getting big! He's a little punk now, but he's getting to be a good, good dog. He likes to cuddle on the couch and play "Bring it back" (fetch). Taking him for a walk is like taking a vacuum cleaner for a walk though - acorns, leaves, straws, napkins, rocks, mulch, plastic all seem to end up in his mouth. Here are some pictures from a few days ago!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ode to a Printer

Ode to a Printer

My heart soars and thumps as I gaze

Upon your lovely gray and blueness

Your top and bottom loading trays thrill me

For the possibilities they present

Your sliding paper-guiding levers ensure

Not a sheet will print askew.

You forbear through your tasks,

Taking each one is stride –

Fabric, ribbon, vellum,

None are too daunting for you.

Your skills are known far and wide

And are called upon by others.

Wedding invitations, t-shirts, and scrapbooks

You conquer all!

Alright, this might be a little dramatic, but I do appreciate my printer. I've had it for Y E A R S and it is still going strong. The print quality is great, it has top loading and bottom loading options for more control, and has been through crafting WAR! Anyone else have appreciation for their crafting tools?

Thanks Canon Pixma IP4000!!!


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